L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game
L4K : The card game

L4K : The card game

Introducing LEGENDS of FOUR KINGDOMS! A traditional game modernised for the 21st century! We released this on Kickstarter, and though the funding wasn't successful, we loved the artwork and concept so much that we decided to print this game in a limited run of 1,000 decks.

A captivating strategy game. Nature, technology, power, magic! Learn how to tame the Four Kingdoms.

We wanted to try something completely different with our next project, and became smitten with the idea of creating a card game with complete custom artwork, packaged in a beautiful and innovative tuck case.

Players represent an outside power broker in a struggle to gain control of the 4 Kingdoms. They act in the background to gain as much control as possible of the key forces in the kingdoms and influence their battle decisions, sometimes sacrificing warriors for the greater good.

We wanted to make the packaging extra special, so included some custom features and new innovations that collectors will love! Discover more about our Legendary quality at www.LegendsPlayingCards.com

  • Our first in-house Kickstarter project! 1st Editions are Limited to around 1,400 decks
  • Custom bridge size die-cut tuck case with a long flap and 3D embossing to give the LEGENDS logo a rounded appearance 
  • Classic Finish card stock, with a new high-drag card coating that has more friction and superior fanning right out of the box
  • Hand illustrated, complete custom artwork for each card in the deck
  • Matte gold foil with 3D embossing on our LEGENDS logo
  • Interior printing


Become the ultimate ruler of the 4 Kingdoms

L4K is designed to be played with 2-8 players. You will only need one deck (40 cards) to play the game. The more players that join in, the fiercer the battles!

Each player is dealt three cards (if you have an odd number of players, take one card out of the deck). 

Cards in your hand represent the warriors you have control over. After dealing 3 cards to each player, the next card is dealt face up on the playing surface, and the remaining deck is placed face down. This card is the leading/crown Kingdom, and represents the trump suit for the game.

Play one card each going clockwise, player to the left of the dealer starts. After playing a card, draw one more card from the face down pile.

Winning a hand:

In ascending order:  fewest to most soldiers (they are worth 0 points) then the following; 
Knight (J) with 2 points
War Princess (Q) with 3 points
King (K) with 4
Supreme Warrior (3*) with 10
and the Kingdom's secret weapon worth 11 points

If any Leading/Crown Kingdom (trump) has been played, the player who played the highest valued trump wins.

If no Leading/Crown Kingdom (trumps) have been played, the player who played the highest card of the lead suit wins.

Players are not required to follow suit, that is, to play the same suit as the lead player.

Once the winner of a round is determined, that player collects the played cards, and places them face down in a pile. Each player maintains his/her own pile. Then, each player draws a card from the remaining deck, starting with the player who won the trick, proceeding counter-clockwise. Note that the last card collected in the game should be the up-turned initial Leading/ Crown Kingdom card. The player who won the round leads the next hand.

The winner (Ruler of the 4 Kingdoms) will be the player who won the most important battles and thus has the most points.

There are 120 points total, use strategy and try to win the battles that count!!