Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts
Wicked Donuts

Wicked Donuts

Indulge in the irresistible allure of

Papa Leon's Wicked Donuts Playing Cards.

Dive into a delicious deck experience with Papa Leon's Wicked Donuts Playing Cards. With tucks adorned with embossed sprinkles and flour-dusted baking tray details. Savor each shuffle with Legends Playing Card Co's Ultra-Thin Viper Finish. Snappy, crispy, and smooth right out of the box. No more sticky or clumpy decks!

This 6-deck box set serves up a sweet trio of back colorways, each dripping with custom details from the Jokers to the Aces. 

Your order comes with two of each flavor deck (6 decks total) nestled inside a Papa Leon's Wicked Donuts half-brick box. A scrumptious feast for the eyes and the perfect glaze on your card collection!

Single decks available from Wounded Corner

From the creator:

After looking at any of the three Papa Leon's Wicked Donuts Playing Card tucks, you'll be craving a donut of your own.  All three tucks have embossed jimmies/sprinkles, with flour and baking tray details to resemble the real thing. 

  • Three different back design colors, same faces
  •  Fully Custom, from the Jokers, Court Cards, and Aces
  • Colored and embossed jimmies/sprinkles throughout the tuck box
  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Co on their Ultra-Thin Stock w Viper Finish

Only 800 Chocolate made

Only 850 Strawberry made

Only 900 Vanilla made

Included is 2 Chocolate, 2 Strawberry, and 2 Vanilla Wicked Donut Decks. Also included is a Papa Leon's Wicked Donuts half brick box.

Produced by Wounded Corner and Cameron Toner of OPC



Ultra-thin VIPER FINISH™ from LPCC.

Feel the difference with a Legends PCC printed deck!

Feel and Finish: VIPER FINISH™ custom black core, European card stock
Card coating: LPCC #202100 USA produced / water-based
Card cutting: LPCC Diamond Cut / Traditional
Card backs: CMYK - full color. Custom.
Card faces: CMYK - full color. Complete custom including jokers and court cards.
Tuck exterior: CMYK + Embossing
Tuck interior: CMYK
Manufacturing facility: Legends PCC exclusive partner factory, PRC.