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Playing cards in pop culture

Playing cards in pop culture

Are playing cards the perfect form of entertainment in the smallest package?

Will there ever be another object as widely known, loved, and hated as playing cards? Only time will find out.

ABOVE: Groundhog Day, feature film

Have you ever met somebody who hasn't seen or used a deck of playing cards? From sub-saharan African tribes to the Inuit Artic dwellers, playing cards have a universal appeal to humans. Surprisingly, they are a relatively modern invention.

There is certain mystique to playing cards. Fortunes can be one and lost with the turn of a single card. They can be used to kill time, or wielded with great skill to accomplish miracles. A signal of adventure, excitement, and magic. 

ABOVE: Old brick building, Warsaw, Poland. author Joanna Malinowska

David Blaine is known as a street magician, but more importantly, among magicians, he is credited for making magic cool again. Gone are the stereotypical days of top hats and rabbits. In comes black t-shirt and jeans, roaming the world with nothing but a deck of cards and his wits.

Perhaps the most recognized physical object in the world.  Even in Sci-Fi TV shows and movies (Photo above, Star Trek Picard), and in songs across all genres, even inspiring Jay Z to make his own champagne brand named Ace of Spades, a favorite of celebrities and party-goers around the globe.

Do you know which movies feature playing cards from Legends?



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